Men's Groups

Do you want to be part of an ongoing Circle of Men?

Join Men committed to meeting regularly for personal growth, connection, skill-building, and support.

We run Men's Circles in collaboration with ManKind Project, India

If you’re ready for a gift and opportunity that will have life-changing rewards … this is for you.

Build a powerful space, together. In this training, you’ll join with a group of men to create an ongoing Men’s Group …

During the first 10 weeks, every group member will learn concrete skills for leadership, safety, facilitation, healthy group dynamics, handling conflict, and more. A ManKind Project India facilitation team will train and support you to form a powerful container for men’s work. When the 10 weeks are complete, your group will decide how and how often to meet – with the full support of the ManKind Project India.

Extraordinary growth takes extraordinary practice. Lasting improvement is a function of change over time. On our own, we can make it only so far. Practicing together, we have the opportunity to create something truly beautiful. The ripples of our work together can change not only your personal experience of the world, but will resonate through every relationship and challenge you face.


"The Circle of Men helped me to process my emotions as a man. Sharing my insecurities with other men made me understand that the other men had similar thoughts, worries and problems. I liked the structure of the meetings and liked the role that the facilitators played to help me become a better man."

"This is a solid course, and I got a lot from it. I learned things here that I didn't learn in other leadership trainings. I learned to listen differently and more deeply here."

"I would recommend completing this training as it is an excellent container in which to be with a group of like-minded men in a safe environment.  I will definitely want to continue this work to not only help myself but to support other men."


Circles of men – at their best – are places that create and encourage transformational practices. They are evolutionary and revolutionary. They help us call into question the stories we’ve mistakenly believed about ourselves, about manhood, and about the world. They are forges where heat, power, time, and repetition hone men’s strengths to create the kind of life they want to live and to create positive, life-giving, and healing impacts in the world.

Circles of men – at their worst – can be places that reinforce negative habits and calcify limiting beliefs … a place that will weaken men’s resilience and dull their relationships. We will help you learn the difference.

Join a Circle of Men – A group that challenges and supports men to grow, as individuals and as a community. Men committed to personal growth, connection, skill-building, and support.


Week 1

The basics. Get an overview of a men’s group and an introduction to Safety.

Week 2

Listening and Speaking in a men’s group.

Week 3

Introduction to the Archetypes.

Week 4

How to be a Good King.

Week 5

The importance of creativity and play.

Week 6

Stepping into Leadership.

Week 7

Practicing what you’ve learned.

Week 8

Celebrating differences and challenges.

Week 9

Practicing what you’ve learned.

Week 10

Preparing for the future. Self Determination.


After the 10 week initial commitment, your group will decide how and when to continue meeting, with support from the ManKind Project. You will continue to get additional mentoring from skilled facilitators, and three additional months of Circle Support sessions to support your group’s health. 


Learn powerful tools to run a brave but safe circle, provide effective support, handle conflict, and build long-term strength-based community. 

The tools and skills you’ll learn in this group will help you create, build, and sustain a men’s group over the long haul. 



Participation fee Rs. 7500 (~USD 95)

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