you need a coach

I coach men who are willing to take massive action towards leading a masterful life and are 'sick and tired of being sick and tired'. Is that you?

Discovering that you’re a Nice Guy is just the tip of the iceberg. Most men usually come to this discovery because of a crises - a divorce, a break up, getting fired, frustration with their dating lives, addictive behaviours. Nice Guys have lived their entire lives through a false paradigm and changing this paradigm is hard work, a hero’s journey - one that is fraught with challenges. At the end of this long journey is the treasure of becoming an Integrated Man, who knows his purpose, is peaceful, and has learnt to meet his needs in a healthy way.

A coach, who has gone through his own Nice Guy journey, is a critical resource if a Nice Guy is to become an Integrate Man. The Nice Guy paradigm is full of blind spots and a lifetime of self limiting beliefs that only a coach can help bring into awareness and then offer the tools and accountability to challenge and change these beliefs. Together we will develop a plan of action to get you unstuck and move in the direction you want to go