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"For me, that’s the beauty of The Integrated Man; it builds on the concepts I presented in No More Mr. Nice Guy over two decades ago but also further refines and updates them based on what I teach today. Plus, this book contains subjects I now teach that weren’t even on my radar back in 2003, when No More Mr. Nice Guy was published." ~  Dr. Robert Glover

"The Integrated Man brings No More Mr. Nice Guy into the 2020s."

"I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It is so much more than just a handbook; it is a deep-dive into complex concepts in a quick and easy read – and that’s impressive."

"The Handbook does an excellent job describing why inauthentic "Nice Guy" behaviors cause problems and pain and includes practical suggestions for embarking on a journey to become an integrated adult and man. The book is clear and concise."

"This book is powerful and concise! It helped me remember how I got to where I am in life and showed me how to change my trajectory. Looking forward to using it with my clients as well!"

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