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The integrated man


"For me, that’s the beauty of The Integrated Man; it builds on the concepts I presented in No More Mr. Nice Guy over two decades ago but also further refines and updates them based on what I teach today. Plus, this book contains subjects I now teach that weren’t even on my radar back in 2003, when No More Mr. Nice Guy was published." ~  Dr. Robert Glover

"The Integrated Man brings No More Mr. Nice Guy into the 2020s."

"I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It is so much more than just a handbook; it is a deep-dive into complex concepts in a quick and easy read – and that’s impressive."

"The Handbook does an excellent job describing why inauthentic "Nice Guy" behaviors cause problems and pain and includes practical suggestions for embarking on a journey to become an integrated adult and man. The book is clear and concise."

"This book is powerful and concise! It helped me remember how I got to where I am in life and showed me how to change my trajectory. Looking forward to using it with my clients as well!"

Begin your journey from being a Nice Guy to becoming an Integrated Man


ALl Nice Guys need a coach

I coach men who are willing to take massive action towards leading a masterful life and are 'sick and tired of being sick and tired'. Is that you?

Discovering that you’re a Nice Guy is just the tip of the iceberg. Most men usually come to this discovery because of a crises - a divorce, a break up, getting fired, frustration with their dating lives, addictive behaviours. Nice Guys have lived their entire lives through a false paradigm and changing this paradigm is hard work, a hero’s journey - one that is fraught with challenges. At the end of this long journey is the treasure of becoming an Integrated Man, who knows his purpose, is peaceful, and has learnt to meet his needs in a healthy way.

A coach, who has gone through his own Nice Guy journey, is a critical resource if a Nice Guy is to become an Integrate Man. The Nice Guy paradigm is full of blind spots and a lifetime of self limiting beliefs that only a coach can help bring into awareness and then offer the tools and accountability to challenge and change these beliefs. 

I have helped dozens of men through this journey. 

When you work with me, you get




I am obsessed with supporting men in recovering from their Nice Guy syndrome, and becoming integrated, emotionally and physically healthy, and getting on-purpose in their lives.

I have been a lifelong educator with a fierce passion to help kids and adults realise their full human potential. As a certified No More Mr. Nice Guy coach and a leadership development coach, I have led leadership workshops and retreats around the world. I bring a unique combination of modalities to my work which include Mindfulness, Co-active Coaching, Non-violent Communication, Radical Honesty, Conscious Leadership and Yoga. I also lead contemplative leadership journeys to the Everest Basecamp twice a year. I am an avid Vipassana meditator and have served and attended several 10-day silent meditation retreats over the last decade.


"As a coach, Sid is simultaneously brilliant and accessible. He listens attentively and doesn’t offer advice as much as asks questions that help me figure out my own shit. He is also super generous with his time, outside of our coaching sessions. I’ve enjoyed working with Sid so much that I have encouraged some of my closest friends to also work with him."

Seth Jones (https://www.adhdcoachseth.com/) (Portland, Oregon)

"It's miraculous how much I've changed since I've started working with Sid. Neither me, nor any of my family and friends could have imagined I'd ever walk, talk, think, or look the way I do now." 

Hamza Rahimy

"I came across Sidharth and WildMan Coaching via Dr. Glover's work.  Having been involved in men's work for some time and growing increasingly frustrated with my lack of personal growth,  I was looking for some real-world skills, knowledge & tools that I could implement into my day to day that would help me be more effective, confident and recapture my zest for life in both my professional and personal life.  I did 12 weeks one on one with Sidharth and found the experience to be exactly what I was looking for.  I believe I now have a greater skill set and understanding on how to better manage myself which in turn directly impacts the people around me.  Sidharth is a genuine, talented, understanding & experienced man who has a heart for helping people and someone I would highly recommend."


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